Young European Cooperatives

Young European Cooperatives (YEC) is a 3-year Erasmus+ KA2 project. There

are four partner schools from Germany (Duisburg), Italy (Sant’Agata di Militello),

Slovakia (Banská Bystrica) and Catalonia (Manresa). The students will learn

how to create and manage different cooperative companies to sell products and

services appealing to young people. They will share and present their work to

the other high schools using English and different ICT tools.

Promote the development of entrepreneurship   (entrepreneurial skills

and attitudes) putting into practice a set of knowledge, skills and


Provide students with basic skills for creating and running a business

through a real and practical experience promoting cooperative learning.

Provide a global and critical education by encouraging cooperation

between students and teachers from different schools and encouraging

contact with companies and organizations locally.

Be aware of local, ecological and sustainable issues.


Next week we will meet with the familiar Manresa Germany (Duisburg), Italy (Sant’Agata di Militello), Slovakia (Banska Bystrica), Catalonia (Manresa) with whom we have many things to share and we are keen to learn and all enjoy your stay.

Come on 8 May which falls on Sunday evening and there sleeping in the hostel del Carmen where we, the students of Manresa, sleep with them on Monday and Tuesday. Throughout the week we present, we teach our projects, visit our institute Pius Font i Quer Montserrat Walking among other things. Then on Saturday 14th march everyone in their respective countries.

Hopefully who like Catalonia and the country returned recommend to everyone.

Germany (Duisburg), Italy (Sant’Agata di Militello), Slovakia (Banska Bystrica), Catalonia (Manresa)